Water Tanks

Static Vertical Water Tanks

Tardis H2O static water tanks are an excellent bulk water storage solution.

We stock both potable (drinking) water and clean water options in capacities of 5,000 and 10,000 litres, larger capacities are available on request. If you require smaller temporary water storage we'd recommend our towable water bowsers (1,000 and 2,000 litres). Our range of water tanks are available for short and long term hire. 

Water tanks are ideal for supplying welfare units, construction sites, event and festivals and other volume storage situations with no mains water supply. 

Tanks can be supplied with electric on demand water pumps or petrol water pumps where a continuous water supply is required.

Potable water tanks are manufactured to comply with WRAS & DWI Regulation 31 and are treated prior to delivery to strict cleanliness standards in line with Health & Safety guidelines. 

All potable water tanks are delivered with boil before use stickers attached as an advice for customers.

10000 litre potable water tank

High volume vertical 10,000 litre water tank

Potable water tanks in a row
Potable water tanks (5,000 litres water tanks)

1000 Litre Clean Water Cube

Our 1000 litre clean water cubes are an excellent solution for storing small quantities of clean water. Similarly to our vertical water tanks, we can supply water cubes with petrol or electric water pumps for use with site welfare cabins or can be used as a gravity feed. These tanks can be forklifted around site, feature a steel cage for protection and can be stacked on top of one another when empty.

Any water tanks supplied for clean water storage have not been pre-treated as per drinking water standards, but are cleaned and prepared to a high standard.

1000 Litre Clean Water Cube

Pictured: 1000 litre water tank

For higher volume applications, we have a large range of water tanker trailers available for hire. Tardis H2O trailers can be prepared for the storage of both clean or potable drinking water. Tanker trailer hire is particularly popular on construction and large event sites.