Water Bowsers

Temporary water storage solutions

Tardis H2O on site offer a range of towable water bowsers for long or short term tank hire. 

We have unrivalled experience providing temporary water storage and supply solutions for the construction / event market and commercial sector. We also supply drinking water bowsers and bottled drinking water for emergency water supply in the event of domestic water supply being lost.

We have a team of EUSR water hygiene accredited fitters to assist with site set up and installation for temporary water supply requirements. 

Drinking water bowsers (also referred to as potable water bowsers) are chlorinated and prepared to Health & Safety guidelines prior to hire. Our bowsers can also be delivered for storing clean water.

Bowsers can be supplied with an on-demand pump providing pressurised water supply for toilet blocks, site welfare cabins and the likes. Petrol or diesel water pumps can also be added to your hire request. 

Please note, all drinking water bowsers are delivered with boil before use stickers attached for customer guidance. 

2000 Litre Towable Bowser
2000 Litre Towable Drinking Water Bowser pictured
(1000 Litre Towable Bowsers also available)

Stackable poly tank

1000 Litre Drinking Water Stackable Poly Water Tank

We have depots strategically located to cover the north and south of England enabling us to provide a bulk water delivery service to a variety of location types (construction sites, farms, countryside festival locations). 

In addition to water bowsers, we have a fleet of water tankers with capacity to deliver up to 32,000 litres clean or drinking water at a time. On a smaller scale, we supply pallets of bottled water for events and festivals.

If you are looking for water bowser hire - look no further than Tardis H2O on site. Call us for a quote on 0800 731 0589.

Fast delivery with our 18 Tonne Flatbed Lorry with Crane

This is the ideal vehicle for delivering awkward objects to site. The Atlas 92.9 crane will make light work of loading and unloading bulky cargos such as water bowsers and water tanks in no time at all. So if you've a delivery location where a forklift simply won't cut the mustard call on our flatbed and crane combination to get the job done.

Crane wagon


Drinking Water Delivery Station

NEW - A superb new product to speed up the dispensing of bulk drinking water, a boon at events and festivals when lots of people seek refreshment at the same time.

Drinking Water Fill Station
Drinking water fill point
Click the picture for an instant download
of the product spec sheet PDF


This drinking water dispensing station connects in moments and gives drinking water on demand.  It can be connected to any of our H2O on site water bowsers or potable water tanks and features WRAS approved fittings and prior hygiene preparation procedures just like our delivery and storage vessels.

Usually when a bowser or tanker filled with drinking water is delivered to a site, the delivery point will be a single hose leading to a queue of people waiting to fill their bottles or buckets from it. 

Just one of our brand new drinking water delivery stations in operation will speed up the delivery of fresh drinking water by a factor of 4.

Water Requirements for Large Events

On a large event, it is important to get an understanding on the amount of water required.

By answering the following questions, it will help us understand what your requirements are and how long it will take to set up.


  • Is there good access for articulated HGV's?
  • What is the estimated water usage for the event site per day?
  • What electrical power source is available on site? (This would be a requirement for the water pumps)
  • Will you require water top-ups throughout the day?
  • Where would you want the water tank located on site? Be mindful the weight of this will need solid ground with suitable foundations.


Chlorine can be harmful to the environment

Tardis will deliver potable water drawn from a potable source

There will be 0.2-0.6 free chlorine and 0.2 -1.0 total chlorine present in any water delivery made by Tardis

Always consider the environment, we can remove chlorine from water deliveries upon request please ask for details and rates to do so. 

To discuss your drinking water requirements with us, please call our free number for help in planning your event

0800 731 0589 or email us: