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You can download any of these spec sheets to review capacities and dimensions of any of the water tankers, water bowsers, water tanks or any equipment we send out to site. This can be especially helpful with vehicles, to ensure you have adequate access for the size and type of vehicle.

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tankers and tanker trailers lst

Our ever expanding fleet of water tankers and water trailer hire is the perfect bulk water delivery solution where this is a disconnected or no mains water supply. 

Our largest tanker can be prepared to deliver up to 32,000 litres of clean or potable quality assured drinking water per load. Multiple loads can be scheduled for larger water needs.

Where a more long term solution is required, we have a range of water tanker trailers available for hire.
26 Tonne 16,000 Litre H2O Tanker 44 Tonne 30000 Litre Water Tanker
32000 Litre Drinking Water Tanker 

16000 Litre Drinking Water Tanker Trailer 16000 Litre Clean Water Tanker Trailer
30000 Litre Clean Water Tanker Trailer 30000 Litre Drinking Water Tanker Trailer
32000 Litre Drinking Water Tanker Trailer 20000 Litre Clean Water Tank and Trailer

tow bs2
Our towable water bowsers are ideal for water provisions on construction sites and at events and festivals, we offer both drinking water bowsers and clean water bowsers. Drinking water (potable) bowsers are prepared to strict cleanliness standards in line with Health and Safety guidelines prior to delivery.

All drinking water bowsers are delivered with boil before use stickers attached for customer guidance.

1000 Litre Towable Clean Water Bowser 1000 Litre Towable Drinking Water Bowser
2000 Litre Towable Clean Water Bowser2000 Litre Towable Drinking Water Bowser

bowser and tanks div
We also offer a range of static water bowsers and water tankers for short or long term hire, suitable for a wide range of applications where bulk water supply is required. 

All drinking water bowsers are delivered with boil before use stickers attached for customer guidance.

 5000 Litre Vertical Clean Water Tank 5000 Litre Drinking Water Tank
5000 Litre Vertical Clean Water Tank (Black) 10000 Litre Vertical Clean Water Tank Black
10000 Litre Vertical Clean Water Tank 10000 Litre Vertical Drinking Water Tank

  1000 Litre Drinking Water Stackable Poly Tank 1000 Litre Clean Water Tank
Multi-point Drinking Water Fill Station

Water Fittings Water Testing Guide
Water hygiene storage and charging H2O Mobile Testing and Cleansing Van
18 Tonne H2O Crane Wagon

110v Electric Water Pump 240v Electric Water Pump
Pump Protection Box WB20 Water Pump

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