Dust Suppression

Tardis H2O Dust Suppression Systems Summer 2017 has seen the launch of two new dust suppression systems with the 2000 litre 'Dustroyer' road towable dust suppression bowser and 10,000 litre 'Big Daddy Dustroyer' site towable dust suppression bowser joining the Tardis H2O fleet. 

Both units are now available for hire. 

2000 Litre 'Dustroyer' Dust Suppression Bowser

Based on our traditional 2000 litre road towable bowser, the dust suppression system is powered by a compact petrol pump, providing an instant solution to dust pollution. The wide dust suppression coverage makes the system ideal for construction sites, factory units and approach roads where dust creates a hazard to health.

Dustroyer Dust Suppression Bowser 2000 Litres

 This short video demonstration shows the 2000 litre 'Dustroyer' in action.


10,000 Litre 'Big Daddy Dustroyer' Dust Suppression Bowser

When you've big dust suppression problems, we have the answer, the 'Big Daddy Dustroyer'. This site towable dust suppression system holds 10,000 litres of water, features a powerful petrol driven pump and wide spread spraying pattern.
As you can see from the big chunky tyres its built for rugged conditions. 
Big Daddy Dustroyer Dust Suppression Bowser

We think its the ultimate in dust suppression and our clients tend to agree.

Big Daddy Dust Suppression Bowser

Click play on the video below to see the 'Big Daddy Dustroyer' in action.

For more information on the above products, click the thumbnails below.

2000 litre dustroyer dust suppression bowser thumb   Big Daddy Dust Suppression Bowser thumb