Water for construction

Construction is a thirsty industry. It starts with simple needs such as water for toilet flushing and hand washing in your welfare units and escalates to higher demands for procedure such as percolation testing, concrete making even wheel washing of plant vehicles. 

Different sites have different needs and Tardis H2O on site has the resources to meet these needs head on. We can deliver up to 32,000 litres per load which can either be clean or quality assured drinking water. We also provide a range of storage vessels from 1000 litre towable water bowsers and a variety of static bowsers including 5000, 10,000, 20,000 litres. 

Water for concrete mixing

In addition to this we offer a choice of options for delivering that water to where it's needed which includes on demand pumps, petrol or electric pumps, either to maintain pressure or simply pump more water per minute. 

Batching plant

Some of the instances when you may need bulk water or storage include:

  • Site welfare (toilet flushing, hand washing, showering)
  • Soakaway / percolation testing
  • Dust suppression
  • Construction vehicle wheel washing
  • Concrete manufacturing (batching plants)
  • Site drinking water
  • Water for ballast (using pillow tanks)

Our two videos show us delivering bulk clean water. In one case it is used for high demand dust suppression and manufacturing purposes and is topped up almost daily and features one of our branded 30,000 litre tanker trailers parked on site which can also be hired to create a turn key package for the heavy consumer. 

This video shows one of the instances of extremely high water consumption for a construction project in the shape of a batching plant turning out several hundred tonnes of aggregate each day. Tardis H2O attends site multiple times a day to keep the production line process operating smoothly.