Water Tankers

Our ever expanding fleet of water tanks and tankers cover almost every imaginable bulk water delivery option, starting with bulk towable bowsers which can be taken into locations not suited to heavier vehicles (1000 and 2000 litre options are available).

Our largest water tanker has a 32,000 litre capacity and can be prepared to deliver quality assured potable (drinking) water.

Water tankers are equipped with powerful pumps and ample pipework to meet most water delivery needs. Special requirements can be catered for at the time of booking.

Where long term use is envisaged, Tardis H2O on site offers tanker trailer hire with options for additional pump and pipework hire. 

If required, we've a team of qualified and EUSR water hygiene trained fitters to assist with site set ups.

You can review some of our tanker fleet below and of course obtain more information on individual vehicles by clicking on the spec sheets tab on the left hand menu.

Bulk Water Delivery Vehicles

All the water tankers shown below, can be prepared to meet hygiene regulations in order to deliver clean or quality assured potable water.

30000 Litre Water Tanker

44 Tonne Water Tanker, 30,000 Litre / 6000 Gallon Capacity 

32000 Litre Water Tanker

32,000 Litre Capacity Water Tanker

16,000 Litre Water Tanker

26 Tonne R/W Steer Water Tanker, 16000 Litre Capacity

For delivery where site access can provide problems for larger vehicles, our rear wheel steer tankers (16,000 litre capacity above) are ideal due to their improved manoeuvrability.

For smaller requirements, we'd recommend our towable water bowsers (1000 and 2000 litre water bowser available. Click to visit our  water bowsers page.

Tardis Landrover with Towable Bowser

See our specification sheets for vehicle dimensions, capacities etc Click here to go there now.

We have depots strategically located to cover the north and south of England and our tanker fleet of varying capacities complemented by our 4X4 vehicles allows us to deliver to a variety of location types (construction sites, farms, countryside festival locations).  

Tardis H2O telephones are manned 24 hours a day to deal with emergency water supply requirements. 

We are a fully water authoritised licensed company allowing us to legally extract from authorised points across the UK to satisfy bulk water needs.

Short video of a sanitation of a tanker compartment:


Chlorine can be harmful to the environment

Tardis will deliver potable water drawn from a potable source

There will be 0.2-0.6 free chlorine and 0.2 -1.0 total chlorine present in any water delivery made by Tardis

Always consider the environment, we can remove chlorine from water deliveries upon request please ask for details and rates to do so. 

Our fleet includes:

 16,000 litre 26 tonne tankers - 16,000 litre artic tankers

 30,000 litre water tanker services for hire / delivery

 32,000 litre tanker for clean / potable water deliveries

 10,000 litre Static water tanks (clean / drinking)

 5,000 litre Static water tanks (clean / drinking) 

 2,000 litre Towable clean / drinking water bowsers

 1,000 litre Towable clean / drinking water bowsers

 4X4 Off road water delivery service

On demand water pumps - Diesel powered water pumps - Petrol powered water pumps


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