Deep Cleansing Service

Ensuring your water vessels are scrupulously clean

Tardis H2O on site offers certificated bowser and tank cleansing. 

Standing water thats not controlled by refrigeration or testing, is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and swilling out after use does not rid you of the threat. Every Tardis water tank and bowser is pre-treated before delivery to ensure the vessel is scrupulously clean inside and out. We maintain records of this operation as part of our duty of care.

Stu action shot

Once the vessel is delivered to you, responsibility for the fitness of purpose of the contents passes to you, something you should be cognisant of if you are supplying water, especially drinking water. Fortunately you can rely on Tardis H2O on site to help keep your water vessels and their contents in perfect condition when they're in your care. It's another service we provide.

Contaminated IBC
Example of a heavily algae contaminated IBC

This begins with certificated cleansing of your vessels prior to controlled refilling. If you are storing drinking water for more than 24 hours you should not allow people to consume the contents of the vessel without a testing regime in place, something we can also provide on site. Click here to be taken to the water testing page

We also have a deep cleansing service which is ideal for countering water vessel contamination such as that which can be seen in the video below (which was a heavy contamination of algae in two IBCs providing water for hand washing and toilet flushing on a construction site after a warm spell). 

The before and after comparison is quite something...

IBC cleanse before and after

Tardis H2O are experts in the deep cleansing of water vessels whether it is clean or potable water, the water is intended to contain. If you would like to discuss water quality or vessel cleansing we will ensure you receive the best advice.

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