Emergency Bottled Water

For emergencies such as loss of domestic water supply in situations such as contamination, a burst pipe or even unplanned maintenance, bottled water can be rapidly deployed as a quick fix for commercial, residential events and construction sites where drinking water is required. 

Bottled drinking water is often the fastest way of deploying drinking water in emergency situations.

Tardis H2O provides a fast and reliable bottled drinking water service in a variety of sizes 330, 500 and 750 ml and 1.5 litre.

For emergency bottled water options, see the handy table below for sizes, cap style and pallet sizes available.

Bottled Drinking Water Options 2016

If you require an emergency water supply on a larger scale, please see our
emergency water suppliers page for other options available including clean or potable drinking water deliveries up to 32,000 litres per load.

Let Tardis H2O meet your emergency drinking water needs.

Need an emergency water supply? One nationwide phone number: 0800 731 0589

Emergency bottled water