Tardis H2O Media Page


Welcome to our media page which gives an overview of some of the films we make to highlight the broad variety of services Tardis H2O on site provides, commercially and domestically. 

We're very lively on the social media scene, but to save you the trouble of dashing off to YouTube, here's a selection of our video films which showcase some of our water related services and products. We hope you find them informative and entertaining. Our other social media links also include Tardis Hire activities too. 

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deep cleansing service 2
In this film we attend site to rectify a severe contamination of two IBC clean water containers which are used for hand washing and toilet flushing. Never the less, the algae contamination which followed a spell of warm weather presents a potential health hazard and Tardis H2O stepped in to provide a deep cleanse service, we think you will be amazed at the difference between the beginning and end condition of these vessels. 

Water barrier filling banner

Tardis H2O certainly gets about. In this film we are up on sunny Deeside providing bulk clean water to fill water barriers which provide a safe working perimeter for the highway maintenance crew working on a busy traffic island. Each water barrier when filled weighs approximately 350kg which can absorb a lot of energy should a vehicle run into it. 

Bulk water for percolation testing

Tardis H2O regularly attends site to provide bulk water for percolation testing conducted by our clients. There is a science to it but in laymen's terms, you dig a hole, part fill it with water and measure the time it takes for the water to soakaway. This is done on new construction projects to ascertain local natural ground drainage and helps determine the drainage system that will be constructed when building commences. 

Clearly a better fill

A short film showing the methods we employ to ensure that even clean non drinking water arrives at our customer in pristine condition. As you could see from the see through hose, Tardis H2O offers clearly a better fill. 

Tanker flush out

When you're in the bulk water business you have to develop procedures to deal with possible emergencies such as contamination of vessels from the mains supply. The exercise shown in this video illustrates how we would tackle a suspected contamination of one of our tankers which would begin with a thorough flush out followed by sanitisation of the tanker and where necessary testing of any water drawn off. As they say cleanliness is next to godliness. 

Swimming pool fill

And then there's the big jobs. 400,000 litres to fill a swimming pool in Nottinghamshire. Oddly enough, water for swimming pool fills is the sort of job we do quite often. 

pillow tank hire

When it comes to being compact, lightweight and simply convenient, you can't beat utilising pillow tanks for your bulk liquid storage. They fold when empty to a fraction of their size, are simple to deploy and are durable for use in all weathers. When you've finished using them, fold them back up and they will fit into the most modest of spaces such as an estate car or a small van. Here is a quick demo of what we mean. 

bulk water on site

Construction is a thirsty industry as this 30,000 litre tanker trailer parked on site for a long term construction project shows. We visit on a regular basis to keep it topped up. 

Bowser cleanse and refill 2

A 10,000 litre water bowser feeding a construction administration block needed to be brought up to drinking water standards with a thorough clean and chlorination. We did this using our fully equipped on site service vehicle and then we were joined by one of our drinking water tankers to refill the bowser with quality assured potable water. 

Water for concrete mixing


One of our recent jobs involved providing bulk clean water for making concrete on a mobile batching plant. Our clients had a large area to prepare for warehousing, so this job called for water, lots of it.

Bulk water for ballast

On this job, 60,000 litres of water was required on site to fill this vessel as ballast which was about to be embedded in concrete. We deployed two 30,000 litre water tankers.

No dig drilling operation

Tardis H2O attended a construction project in Malvern to work with horizontal or "no dig" drilling specialists in the process of laying a new gas main in the countryside. These operations use high volumes of water per day, so we attended regularly once called and filled up the tanks to keep the job running.