About Us

Tardis H2O is the water division of  Tardis Environmental UK, a well established environmental company who operate nationwide.

H2O as everyone knows is water, something we all need in one form or another.

We provide a bulk water delivery service throughout the UK, including bottled water for events and festivals, as well as providing larger quantities of bulk clean (non drinking) water for industrial use including wash downs and soakaway tests.

Water can be delivered in bowsers both static and towable and by water tanker, up to 32,000 litres per load.

Tardis H2O is a 24/7 operation, ensuring we can offer an emergency water supply in times of need. 

Now we’re expanding the service by providing quality assured drinking water, delivered in vessels which are prepared by our Water Hygienist filled with wholesome potable water and delivered fit for purpose.

If the water is to be stored and used more than 48 hours after delivery, we have a Water Quality Assurance Plan where the water will be tested by us and certified as fit for drinking, giving you the peace of mind that the water people are drinking is perfectly safe and wholesome.

We do regular jobs as well as unusual jobs such as this one. View our short video of a swimming pool fill. 

As you navigate the site, you can gather more details on our H2O services including specification sheets of the equipment and vehicles we use.

Any questions? Email us h2oOnsite@tardishire.co.uk